Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It Happened

Something amazing happened last night.
Something that we have been anticipating for quite some time now.
Something that gives us hope for the future.

Ryker slept for six hours.
[Even in his very own crib!]
Then, he slept for four more hours after he was fed!

We never thought this day would come; seeing that he was only going about three hours between feedings up until the night before last.
We have been trying very hard to keep him up all day long, but our efforts have never gotten him to sleep through his nights...
...Until last night!

We just had to document this momentous occasion.
And even though I am awake practically every hour or less checking on him, [I do worry a lot] it makes me so happy to know that he can sleep that long during the night.

[He loves, loves, loves looking over our shoulders!]

Good job little guy.
Hopefully you will be able to sleep that well again tonight!


Sydney said...

Haha he is so cute! It is so crazy to me that you got married after me but already have a baby! I'm glad you are enjoying him :)

Natasha said...

Were you able to get him to start sleeping in his bed?

Anonymous said...

OH yes! I should add that! He slept in his bed the first six hours! Then my husband went to work and I pulled him in with me... :)

Miriam.Hornbarger said...

Kaitie! I'm happy to hear he is sleeping longer, those nights are always welcome as a sleepy mom. Have you read Babywise? I HIGHLY recommend it! It changed my life with London, I read it when she was 6 weeks old and she has had an amazing schedule ever since! I have a copy if you want to borrow it instead of buying it. Let me know. Good luck!