Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Forgotten Carols

For the past six years, my family has participated in The Forgotten Carols by Michael McLean. [We are a part of his backup choir.] This performance is so special to our family and has created a tradition that will go on for years to come. If you have not heard of this uplifting Christmas story, we suggest you click here. The story really grabs your heart and pulls you right in. It is wonderful. We encourage all of you to take time out of your busy holiday schedules next year to attend this event! We never get tired of hearing the message that it brings. We are so grateful that our family has a tradition like this; where we get to spend time celebrating the true meaning of Christmas together!

[The Family]

[The performers!] 

[The girls.] 


As you can tell, Austin was not able to make it to the performance. He was still very ill. I missed him so very much and the whole time, I was wishing he were on stage with me singing. I hope you feel better sweetie!

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