Thursday, December 2, 2010

He is Getting Too Comfortable

Ryker is one spoiled little fella.
He is our first child.
He is the first grandson on both sides.
He is the first great-grandson on one side.
He is always being held, cuddled with, and played with.

Not to mention, for the past three and a half weeks, he has been sleeping in our bed.
To begin the explanation for this, Austin has not had to go to his early-morning shifts at UPS since Ryker has been born. He gets FMLA through this wonderful company.
So, to ease my nighttime worries of SIDS, Austin has been staying up until the wee-hours of the morning making sure Ryker is sleeping peacefully. This allows me to get some sleep of my own.
Austin studies, reads, and works on homework.
Is he not the best husband in the world for doing this???
Anyways, during these wee-hours of the night/morning, Ryker sleeps in our bed.
This has been a terribly terrible mistake.
Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love having our son so close to us.
Snuggling is the best with our little guy!
But, Ryker will not sleep in his crib when it is time for Daddy to go to sleep.
He cries and cries and cries some more until we move him back to our big bed.
So, this leaves me up for the rest of the early morning.
This habit needs to end so he won't be wanting to sleep in our bed forever! :]

Doesn't he look too comfortable?
No more sleeping in bed next to Mommy while she is doing her homework during the day.
[Even though she loves it sooo much.]
We all learn from our mistakes, right? Right.

Tonight, he is sleeping in his bed.


rahhlady said...

Collin slept in our bed too for the first few weeks. We let him since he wouldn't sleep in his Pack n Play, and we would just put him there every night and when he would start crying we would put him in bed with us. Eventually he did start just sleeping in his bed. Now, he won't sleep in bed with us AT ALL. Not even if we want him to. Do you have a pack n play or a bassinet you can put in your room next to your bed instead of putting him in his crib? We kept him in our room in his pack n play for 3 months and now he sleeps like a champ in his room. You didn't make a mistake at all, it happens and you are supposed to enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh this makes me feel better! Yes, we have a bassinet and we will have to try that tonight! Thank you!

Domestic Bliss(ters) said...

I had this whole long thing written and the phone rang and when I came back, Tyson had deleted it! But, Tyson says Ryker is "very cute!", which I completely agree! Okay, so I was going to ask if you'd read Baby Wise. I read it pre-Tyson, and I thought I was going to totally follow it. When Tyson was born, I realized I'm not at all a strict schedule follower, and nor was Tyson, so I didn't end up following it, but I did take some of their advice. It talks about helping your kids sleep through the night very young, and keeping them in their beds, etc. I would ALWAYS hold Tyson when he fell asleep when he was little, till he turned about 4 months, then he turned into a monster, and he'd wake up the second I put him in his own bed and scream, so basically I had to hold him THE WHOLE time he slept. So, I went to Baby Wise, and it said to just let them cry it out. And I did. I'd put him in his bed, and he'd SCREAM it out. But I didn't take him out. It was AWFUL! But, it only took a few times, and every time he cried less and less. Now he goes to bed PERFECTLY every night and naptime. Any babysitter we have had has said they can't believe how great he goes down. He also never got out of bed when we switched him to a big boy bed. So, my advice, have him cry it out. You can check on him and make sure he isn't hungry or dirty and that he's safe. I would go in every 15 mins and give him a little love and make sure he was fine, but NEVER picked him up. Anyway, that's my two cents. It's great having a really good sleeper that can get himself to sleep. I will definitely do the same with our next, but I'll start earlier than I did with Tyson. Good luck, you guys will figure out what works for you!