Monday, December 13, 2010

Five Weeks, Baby!

Ryker is five weeks today. He has been the most amazing little guy we could possibly ask for. Sure, he keeps us up at nights, but we don't mind one bit. Any moment that we get to spend with him is golden.

This last week has been a rough one for our cutie. I supplement due to some complications with my milk production [meaning that we give him formula as well]. Unfortunately, Ryker has had a hard time with certain kinds of formula. He gets tummy aches, becomes fussy, and cries a lot. We were able to go to the doctor today and were told that he has lactose intolerance. Yes, this is just like his Mommy. So, we have to put him on special milk. We are so glad that to know this for sure now.

Also, it has been somewhat difficult nursing him due to fussiness as well. Now, I have to completely stay away from all cheese, milk, and basically any dairy product there is. I usually do this due to my personal lactose intolerance, but because I love dairy so much, I have always just put up with the stomach aches. But now that I know it our hurts our little guy, I will not even go near the stuff. I do not want Ryker to suffer one bit.

So, after this last hard week, Ryker is finally starting to feel better! We are so happy. Ryker will be happy too as soon as he realizes that he no longer has tummy aches and gets over the horrible taste of his new milk. Poor guy.

We are excited for this new week! He weighs 11 pounds now and can hold his head up on his own... when he wants to that is!

[All of the milk we tried...]


Jacob & Clarissa said...

Going to soy milk? If so, you have my condolences, that stuff does not smell so good.

Greg and Nat said...

what milk are you using then? soy??? POOR Ryker! but glad he's feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

We are using Alimentum. It is Soy and for lactose intolerance.